Giant in Skin

There’s this long line of darkness on the other side of day I stand there listening to the starless sky flow like Styx There’s that dome of light pollution Pulsing like an orange Creamsicle – never sleeping, always dripping Like childhood summer sun And all above it, that starless sky – humming in rhythm, and […]

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Yellow Star

This heart beating down to surrender The world taking me apart Piece by piece by piece Turnin’ my head around And laughing down my neck Now this birth, it hurts Now this birth, it hurts The jets with all the people Flying high above His sky feeling so empty His sky feeling so alone Laughin’ […]

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Maybe What Love Is

Sometimes love is bad and good at the very same time. But then the good of it pushes through, a stronger force, and sews it all back up together again. The holding of her hand is louder than a scream. Her kiss buries the hurtful word. Her sleeping beside me in the dead of night […]

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Central Park Heart

There was a heart in Central Park. It was lying there in the curled leaves and the grass saying goodnight. It beat a bit, but was slowing. I was sitting on the park bench watching. Nobody cared. The idiots were oblivious. I was alone as usual, trying to get some fresh air and think about […]

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The Naked People

Papa Wesley was out back in his workshop tinkering with an old radio beneath the glow of a soft lamp when the door slowly opened and the boy appeared, shivering. He quickly turned to look at him, using only his head and not his eyes. “Close the door. It’s cold out there.” The boy closed […]

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Ham Christ

The men of the church sat at a round table in a room of red velvet and highly polished wood accents. There was a fire blazing in the fireplace and the logs crackled as the men ate ham sandwiches and sipped cherry martinis. They were somewhat disgruntled as they fumbled through folders of papers. Elder […]

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The Girl Who Stinks

Madison Cherrywood was all alone in her room talking to an action figure about political strife when her father came in and told her the family was moving. It broke her heart. Madison Cherrywood was a quiet girl with a sad and reddened face most of the time. Her mother begged to brush her hair, […]

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